Applied Educational Neuroscience: Mindful Strategies to Promote

On: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Starts: 8:00 am

Location: 1956 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, 96815

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Applied Educational Neuroscience: Mindful Strategies to Promote Learning and Emotion Regulation (All Grade Levels)   NEW Seminar Presented by Jennifer Wittrup Outstanding Educator and International Presenter    Specifically Designed for ALL Educators Who Work With Children and Young Adults: ​ Utilize the research and science behind brain development to foster models for increased engagement and the prevention of psychological stressors which impair student learning. Practice copious mindful strategies to regulate emotions as a whole class, small group or on an individual basis. Strategies for implementing brain based models to foster positive learning environments Strategies to mitigate stress and trauma and provide for students' brains to be engaged, responsive and alert. Practical, innovative techniques that support a trauma informed classroom The latest, most useful websites and research relating to educational neuroscience and the effects of the implementation of practices which will improve emotional response and academic achievement in your students. ​ This is not a program; but a workshop and framework that combines neuroscience, pedagogy, developmental psychology and cognitive psychology.   What you Will Learn There has never been a more significant time in the history of education than to prepare educators for the emotional social and academic health of all students. Currently, it is estimated that 25%- 30% of all students walking into educational settings are carrying significant anxiety; making learning nearly impossible. Neuroscience is rapidly making its way into the forefront of education. Students experiencing trauma are literally not able to focus or learn successfully and often find themselves in trouble.  Trauma is a psychologically distressing event that is outside the range of human experience and development often involving a sense of fear, anxiety, helplessness, and hopelessness. These intense emotions experienced from trauma block the brain’s prefrontal cortex where executive functions are executed. These functions include our ability to pay attention, plan and organize, set long and short term goals, respond with intention and purpose, and emotionally regulate. The developing brain is significantly compromised when exposed to negative emotion. Trauma can also be defined by a brain that is hungry, tired, bullied, chronically worried or anxious. In youth, anger is often the bodyguard for deep feelings of fear.  Educational Neuroscience is the foundation and aligns with programs such as PBIS, Responsive Classroom, Developmental Design and so many other social and emotional programs. The differentiated aspect of this framework is that it attends to the educators’ brain states as well as the students’ brain health and emotions. ​ This class provides research and strategies of neuroscience in the educational setting. It connects neuroscience to brain development, the limbic system relating to stress, cognition, and adversity and learning.  It will change the way you teach and interact with others in a very positive way. I look forward to meeting you at the seminar.  The day promises to be a day filled with practical activities, ideas, tips and resources that will empower you to infuse brain research into your teaching practice. P.S. I know how valuable your teaching time is to you, so I have planned an active day, packed with lessons, and resources that if you choose, can be immediately implemented with your own students.   Sincerely,    Jennifer Wittrup   P.S. I know how valuable your teaching time is to you, so I have planned an active day, packed with lessons, and resources that if you choose, can be immediately implemented with your own students the very next day.   Session Agenda Program will run from 8:30am-3:00pm Check-in will begin at 8:00am (A continental breakfast will be awaiting you with coffee, tea and pastries) Lunch will be on your own     Payment by Purchase Order & Refund Policies   https://www.icecollaborate.org/payment-policies  
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