Bishop Museum Presents Travelling Bricks: An Exhibition Made of

On: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Starts: 9:00 am

Location: 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI

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Bishop Museum's newest traveling family exhibition invites visitors on an educational and entertaining journey of the history of land, sea, air and space travel with displays made of nearly one million LEGO® bricks. 'Travelling Bricks: An Exhibition Made of LEGO® Bricks' will be on exhibit in the Castle Memorial Building from May 25 through October 27, 2019. The exhibition features 120 LEGO® models in sixty scenes, created by LEGO® Professional Artists with themes of early transportation, ships, trains, aviation and space flight, as well as vehicles with wheels and record breakers. At the center of the exhibition will be the ten-foot-long Carl Sagan and Saturn V rocket models as well as the twenty-two-foot-long ship Titanic. In addition, 'Travelling Bricks: An Exhibition Made of LEGO® Bricks' presents entertaining and educational videos, as well as a large interactive area with approximately three hundred thousand LEGO® bricks for guests to play with. Included in the exhibition will be additional LEGO® models of familiar and iconic images of Hawaii, including Aloha Tower and the voyaging canoe Hokulea.

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