GEBI 2019 Federal Retirement and Benefits Seminars

On: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Starts: 7:30 am

Location: 615 Piikoi Street , Room 401 (Conference Room), Honolulu, Hawaii, HI

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The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board is proud to sponsor one day Federal Retirement & Benefits Seminars thoughout the year 2019 featuring: The Government Employee Benefit Institute Class is from 7:30 AM till 4 PM each day (SF182 Section B info found below) The course includes: • Common Pre-Retirement Mistakes • Retirement Options & Eligibility (including creditable service and military buy-back) • Maximizing your leave (Annual Leave payouts, Sick Leave conversions) • Computing your High-3 and Retirement Annuity • Survivor Benefit Plan • FERS Special Supplement • CSRS VCP • Getting the most from Social Security • TSP: from contributions, to allocations, to distribution strategies • FEGLI & FEHB in retirement • Long-Term Care planning (including the FLTCI) • How to file a healthy retirement application …and many more, including overall cash flow, general planning, and suggestions for what to do if you come up short. All attendees must be registered prior to arriving at the class unless given exception by GEBI personnel. If the person purchasing the ticket is different from the person actually attending the class, please contact GEBI (email: robert@gebionline.com) and send the ticket number and the name of the attendee (or attendees if mutliple tickets are being purchased at same time).  The class registration will not be confirmed until the corresponding attendee names have been submitted to GEBI. SF182 Section B info: Vendor name and address: Government Employee Benefit Institute (GEBI); 615 Piikoi St Ste 1503, Honolulu, Hi 96814 Training Location: 615 Piikoi St, RM 401 (Conference Room), Honolulu Hi 96814 Vendor Telephone: 808-445-6767 Vendor Email: robert@gebionline.com or robert@gebionline.com Seminar Cost: $66 No Course Number. Training Purpose Type:  03 Training Type Code: 03 Training Sub Type Code: 05 Training Delivery Type Code: 04 Training Duration: 8 hours
For more information: Contact 615 Piikoi St

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