Hawaiian Cacao & Chocolate Bootcamp on Oahu

On: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Starts: 9:00 am

Location: 8 North Pauahi Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, 96817

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Join us for 5-days in paradise on a journey for chocolate. Practice farm skills in cacao orchards, stay on a cacao farm, visit with cacao researchers & farmers, participate in cacao fermentation & drying, and get hands on with tree-to-bar chocolate. Dates: May 28- June 3, 2019  Do you love chocolate and thirst to learn more about how cacao is grown and made into chocolate? Never tasted the delicious lychee or mangosteen-flavored pulp of the cacao fruit? Want to see how the days-long process of fermenting cacao affects the micro-terroir of the chocolate flavor? This is the perfect tour for you! Join our cacao boot camp along with chocolate makers, cacao farmers, and chocophiles from Hawaii, mainland USA, Europe and beyond to experience cacao planting, cultivation, harvest, fermentation and chocolate making in 5 days brimming with cacao.   Schedule: Walk into the cacao orchards of Oahu the moment you step off the plane and begin your journey into chocolate making, Hawaiian style. with this sample itinerary*: Day 1 (May 28): Cultivation: Visit a small cacao, ice cream bean, mango, & fruit farm and bird sanctuary on O‘ahu’s North Shore to help cultivate cacao trees. We’ll prune, graft, test for ripeness, harvest & crack cacao pods. Day 2 (May 29): Fermentation: We will show you how fermentation, the most important part of tree-to-bar chocolate making, can be tuned to bring out the natural fruity, acidic, aromatic, floral, and spicy flavors of cacao from different regions of Hawai'i and the world. Day 3 (May 30): Cacao Roasting & Starting a Grind: Chocolate Making Workshop 1  We will begin the process of chocolate making by Roasting cacao together and analyzing the steps and stages of a proper cacao bean roast. Then we will crack and winnow the beans to prepare them for refining and conching.  Day 4 (May 31):  Fermentation, Drying, Storage, & Varietal and Regional Selection: We’ll check in on the ferment we started a couple days ago and discuss the best methods of drying naturally in wet climates. Next we look at proper aging and storage of cacao over 6-52 weeks, plus how to pick the best tasting cacao varieties and origins from around the world. 2-day weekend break to relax and take in Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, jungle hikes, foraging, farmers markets, and restaurants. Day 5 (June 3): Chocolate Flavors & Tempering: Chocolate Making Workshop 2 We will check on the progress of our grind begun the prior afternoon and taste farm-specific Hawaiian cacao as fine chocolate. We’ll learn how & when to add inclusions to tempered chocolate and prepare chocolate molds for pouring bars after learning the “dark” art of tempering chocolate. We’ll also have one last check on our fermented cacao and pop it out onto drying racks.   Catch your plane or stay and enjoy an evening of an optional catered fine dining chocolate dinner with whiskey and chocolate pairing.   *Itinerary subject to change. Inclusive Boot Camp Package Cost:  $550 for selected days  $1997 for all 5 days of boot camp Includes: All Ground Transportation from lodging locations – Field Trip, Farm Trips, Sunset Beach Trip, Scheduled Program Activities. For best transportation we request that participants stay with our lodging partners.  Includes: Breakfast & lunch daily with group. Options for vegetarian, vegan and special dietary needs are available upon request.  Includes: Raw Materials for Chocolate Making in Program, Field Note Book for Farm Trips, Chocolate for Tasting Sessions, 20 chocolate bars you’ve made to take home, and Cacao Pods for fermentation practice.  Includes: Workshops, Farm Tours, Facilitators and Instructors, Private Group Transportation and a real fun time.  Does Not Include: transportation from other areas of Oahu, extracurricular tours or side trips, lodging.    Chocolate Maker Boot Camp Facilitator: Dr. Nat Bletter Dr. Nat Bletter has 18 years of experience in botany, documenting and growing exotic fruits and vegetables, gathering food in the wild, herbal and traditional medicine, and exploring Asia, South America, Central America, and Africa. He has a Ph.D. in Ethnobotany from the City University of New York and New York Botanical Garden, where he researched medicinal plants of Peru, Mali, and the Guatemalan Mayans, ethnobotany, taste-modifying plants, food plants of Thailand and Laos, and stimulant plants such as cacao, which has spurred him to start a traditional-ingredient, high-antioxidant, artisanal chocolate company Madre Chocolate.   At Madre Chocolate, Nat has been the “Flavormeister” since 2010 and created the multi-time International Chocolate Awards recipient, the Triple Cacao chocolate bar.  His work to create fermentation programs for farmers in Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Papua New Gunea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa, and Fiji has also helped propel multiple single-origin chocolates from Hawaii onto the international stage.  These include the Hawi Criollo, Likao Kula and the most recent Cacao of Excellence World Finalist,  Nine Fine Mynah Estates. 
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